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Viveka Odlen Persson, 8e candidate of the 2e column

Viveka Odlen Persson  viveka persson
Economiste, consultante
Rue du Bemel 64 à 1150 Bruxelles
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Swedish nationality, living in the Chant d’Òiseau area for 20 years. Married, with three daughters (17, 19 and 21), consultant in business development and marketing.

 After my years in this beautiful municipality, I am happy to contribute to the management and not only profit from the splendid services and surroundings. I feel familiar with the social liberal program of the FDF+IC (Common interests), because it reminds me of the political values in Scandinavia. I am hereby proud to be presented on the list for FDF + IC lead by the Mayor candidate Serge Patoul.

Being a Swede, I care about the environment and I am convinced that everybody can contribute in some way. Education is mandatory to increase the participation (increased use of bikes, public transportation, avoidance of unnecessary packaging, managing the effects of climate change etc.).

 FDF + IC care about the accessibility of community services for all regardless of abilities, working hours or language, through the utilization of modern communication tools (web, down-loadable documents, remote administration) and improved efficiency in the administration,…

Do not hesitate to contact me (via e-mail or Facebook: Viveka Persson Brussels) if you have any questions or if you wish to know more about FDF.

Thanks for your Confidence

Viveka Odlen Persson
8e candidate of the 2e column, liste FDF+ IC
NB. The law allows you to vote on several candidates on the same list. Each marked candidate equals one entire vote.